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What do I do now?


If you have any questions about anything or if you want to talk to a human you can email us anytime, we always reply promptly. Include your postal code, dog's name, cellphone number, and what service you're looking for and we can set something up on your behalf. 

OPTION 2 <--- Easiest!

You can book your own appointment below! Once you find some. We go through busy seasons a few times a year. Emailing us will not make an appointment available any sooner. Please do not take more than one.

Most appointments are available on Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays 16h30, 18h00 and 19h30, every second week.

If the Calendar says "There are no appointment slots available in the time range shown." You can click on "Next available appointment slot on [DATE]" to jump to the next appointment. You can also press the little blue button with the arrow at the top left of the calendar and go to the next week. We book up quickly, so keep scrolling until you find the date and time that works for you :)

ON MOBILE? Scroll down to the bottom and click on View on Desktop or the online booking system will be difficult to use.

But wait...what is this calendar down here?

This calendar is where you can see that your struggle with technology paid off! After booking your appointment in whichever appointment slot above that you chose, the next step is to refresh this page, after that: navigate to the date and time that you booked your appointment and you will see that it worked! 

This calendar will say "busy" if you do not have the authority to look at the information in the appointment slot. This is how we keep everyone's information private. It will also say "busy" if there's an available appointment slot. So this calendar is only useful to the brave souls who attempted to book their own appointment.

Your information is available only to you and to us.

Sign into Google. Choose an Available slot.

You can call (613) 979-WOOF if you want, but we're either driving or walking dogs, so you'll most likely get the machine.

*Meet & Grrreets are required before we can commit to care.*

How do these Calendars work?