Would you like to work for Bitches Walking Dogs? We're always looking for more subcontractors for many of the Ottawa neighbourhoods. Send us your resume! Please make it as creative and as visually interesting as you are able; we are looking for attention to detail and strong communication skills.

Love animals? That's great. This job requires more than that, it is not our job to give more love. We are looking for calm, confident and conscientious subcontractors. Attention to detail, being able to multitask and be firm with the dogs are assets. You'll need to be a fast walker and have excellent memory skills in order to provide services on behalf of bwd.

All of our contractors must have a smartphone with data and a working camera, must be fluent in the internet and technology which includes but is not limited to knowing how to use: Google Drive and Google Calendars, and you will also need to provide a recent criminal background check and have both a gmail and facebook account.

While we do NOT hire seasonal workers (no students due to unpredictable schedules), we are on the lookout for applicants with varied skill sets! Design, data-entry, event planning, human resources management, and media relations, for example.

Join the team!

Yearning to join the glamorous life of dog walking?