3 & 4 per week


08h00-09h59 - $38 - 17h00-20h00 

10h00-11h59 - $32 - 12h00-16h59

12h00-16h59 - $24 - 10h00-11h59

 17h00-20h00 - $20​ - 08h00-09h59

$38/day for days in between.

Luxury Sleepovers

Tester Package

After they are used up, you are under no obligation to enrol. If you do decide to stick with us, you will be automatically enrolled into automatic billing. 





Expires 60 days from purchase, 12 walk dates due with purchase; bank the rest.

Special Accommodation: If you require (or prefer!) a private home with no other pets, special feeding instructions, medications, your walker’s home, etc.., all Sleepover prices are increased by 30%. 

Only interested in relief?

This service is available 11h00-15h00, every weekday only.

This service is great for elderly dogs, disabled dogs, dogs who get enough exercise with you, or really only need to pee while you're at work. We do NOT recommend this service for puppies.

1 & 2 per week

5+ per week


20 Blockwalks

Prices do not include HST.

Monday to Friday


This package is for first-timers who aren't sure if bwd is right for them. 


We are currently in the process of developing an off-leash daycare service to debut TBA. This service will eventually include pick-up and drop-off, a live webcam feed, and will be priced somewhere between $35 and $50 a day. Join the waitlist and be notified when it is ready.



This service includes mentally active exercise with obedience maintenance. Blockwalks are a fast paced activity and last for a minimum of thirty minutes.

The walks are GPS tracked with a countdown ticker, you receive a photo check-in and email notifications when the walker starts and finishes your appointment, and the walker leaves a note on how the walk went, after service.

Blockwalks are great for any breed or age of able-bodied dog.