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premium care at affordable rates


Prices do not include HST.

Prices do not include HST.

There's one price for the drop-off day, one price for the pick-up day; $37.99 for every day in between.

Luxury Sleepover Service

​All Luxury Sleepover Service prices include everything:

Morning and evening exercise, hugs and pets, the occasional brushing or bath if we get muddy, a human presence 100% of the time, and playmates.

You aren't charged anything extra for this.

No extra fees for playtime, walks... when you book your dog in with bwd, your dog gets the amount of exercise they need to be happy.

Monday - Friday 

5 days/week
2-4 days/week
1 day/week

Centretown ONLY.


Daytime and Evening


Daytime and Evening



​We absolutely offer a 50% discount on the Blockwalk and Potty-Break Services for a second dog.