If your pooch is content to lounge until you get home, then our Potty-Breaks are for you! For a lower price, bwd will come to your home and take your furry friend out to relieve themselves. Potty-Breaks are quick breaks used only for relief. They are ideal for elderly dogs, special needs dogs, or inactive dogs. ​Potty-Breaks are available Monday to Friday, 11h00-15h00, all five days only. 

We DO NOT recommend this service for puppies.

Head over and fill out our contact form and we'll be with you to book your Meet & Grrreet.

Meet & Grrreets are required before booking the services below.

We refer clients to book one-on-one sessions with our Behaviour Consultant. She is available for clients who would like to learn how to speak dog. This is helpful for so many dog owners new and experienced. bwd creates automatic behaviours in you and your dog and we teach you how to do the same. We can show you the mental activities we play with your pup during service, how to recognise and reward self-soothing behaviours, how to encourage what you want to encourage, and much more!

Meet & Grrreet/Canine assessment

$35 + HST

Obedience maintenance
Customised physical or mental activity

Minimum of thirty minutes, timed

Pick-up from 09h00 to 20h30, seven days a week

Check-in photo & GPS tracking

Check-in and Check-out email for peace of mind

Safe outdoor temperatures of -20°C to +33°C (Flat face breeds +27°C)

Lots of walker availability

Monday to Friday Service

Pick-up between 11h00-15h00

Do not charge for Statutory Holidays

Not available on Weekends

Not recommended for young dogs with energy to burn

The Blockwalk is the perfect way to make sure your bork floof gets the mental exercise they need while you're at work. Day and night, weekday or weekend, Blockwalks can be social activities that reinforce human leadership. Sometimes you're pulling longer work hours to get that project polished. Sometimes you just can't get out of your sister's neighbour's daughter's Quinceañera. Sometimes you just want to Netflix and chill. No judgements here. We're here to help you and your dog in any way we can.

If you live in one of our service areas, we will come to your house to pick up your pooch for their physical and mental on-leash only exercise. Blockwalks teach puppies and rescues appropriate leash manners and how to be a good floof. Blockwalks are also great for dog reactive dogs. We will work with you and get your dog to the point where they might enjoy walking with a friend or two.

We DO NOT put dogs into any vehicle with this service.

We DO NOT frequent off-leash areas like dog parks with this service.

Blockwalks include:

If you're interested in becoming a bwd client, we will need to evaluate your dog to make sure that we are a good fit. And you will need to evaluate us! bwd needs to personally meet you and your dog before committing to care. There's also some paperwork to fill out before we begin in order to create your account on our app so that you may begin to book services, this typically takes an hour.​

Every Meet & Grrreet includes:

FALL 2020


Package A (Shorter)~ $50/week + HST     Package b (longer) ~ $75/week + HST

We are currently in the process of developing an off-leash daycare service to debut in the fall of 2020.

This service will include pick-up and drop-off and a live webcam feed.

It will be priced somewhere between $35 and $50 a day.​ 

Join the waitlist to reserve your dog's spot. Limited availability.

Canine Assessment

They typically last around an hour

The Company Owner and Canine Behaviour Consultant attend


BEHAVIOUR SESSIONS - Available to active clients

Which bwd Service is Right for You?

BLOCKWALKS ~ 30 / 45 / 60 minutes

variable pricing based on frequency and duration + HST