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Meet & Grrreet ~ Complimentary

For Pet Sitting Services, we recommend:

They can care for your pet (cats too!) in your own home.

If your pooch is content to lounge until you get home, then our Potty-Breaks are for you! 

For a lower price, bwd will come to your home and take your furry friend out to relieve themselves. 

Potty-Breaks are conducted individually by default so we can give each dog the specific attention they need. Potty-Breaks are ideal for small dogs, elderly dogs, special needs dogs, or inactive dogs. 

The Potty-Breaks are also for puppies who are too young to walk with other dogs. 

​Potty-Breaks are only available Monday to Friday, 11h00-15h00, all five days only.

Luxury Sleepover Service

Due to zoning restrictions within residential Centretown, Bitches Walking Dogs is not a kennel. We are a home. 

Sleepovers are always available to current clients (sterilisation and vaccination requirement).

If you are NOT a regular client already, we will only consider longer stays of a week or more.

The dogs are crated overnight. We provide the crates and the doors are closed at night only. Dogs love having a space that's just for them. The crates are comfortable and provide the necessary calming refuge that a dog may need for a vacation. 

There is a human presence 100% of the time. The dogs are never left unattended, even in the back yard. 
Yes! There is a fully fenced back yard area. Guests get to participate in playdates, summer BBQ's and play in the snow banks or the mini pool, depending on the season, of course! They also get their Daycare or Blockwalks at no extra charge, whichever is more suited to their needs (or both!). Having an outdoor space is key for when the weather decides to be uncooperative.


In The Doghouse


If you're interested in becoming a bwd client, we will need to evaluate your dog to make sure that we are a good fit. And you will need to evaluate us!

For prospective Luxury Sleepover clients, we meet at bwd headquarters so you and your dog can see the space.

For Blockwalk and Potty-Break clients, we come to you, free of charge; we need to enter your home to collect your pooch, they'll need to see that we're allowed!

bwd likes to personally meet you and your dog before committing to care. There's also some paperwork to fill out before we begin.

Read me!

The Blockwalk is the perfect way to make sure your pup gets the exercise they need while you're at work or going out for dinner. Day and night, weekday or weekend, Blockwalks can be social activities that reinforce human leadership.

Once we have your keys, we do our best to accommodate last minute requests because life happens. Sometimes you're pulling longer work hours to get that project polished. Sometimes you just can't get out of your sister's neighbour's daughter's quinceanera. Sometimes you just want to Netflix and chill.

Blockwalks are for more than just walking. bwd engages a dog's mind as well as their legs and will tire out your pooch mentally and physically. bwd teaches proper walking techniques and advanced heeling with commands like "left" "right" "sit" "stop" "wait" and "go around".

If you live in one of our service areas (see above), we will come to your house to pick up your pooch and bring them on a Blockwalk with or without a pack.

our service hours are from 09h00 to 21h00