Stephanie Crocker

Name: Reilly

Birthday: March 22

Best part about being a dog walker: "Getting to spend your day outside and receive endless doggy love."

Operations Director

Joy Evans
Joy Evans

Katherine Millington

Name: Brant

Birthday: July 27

Best part about being a dog walker: "Unconditional love all day."

Before joining the bwd team, Monika was busy growing a Marketing and Public Relations background as an international event supervisor which helped her develop strong interpersonal and multitasking skills. 

Dogs have always had a special place in Monika's heart. In the near future she plans to combine her love for animals and passion for medical anatomy and become an animal physiotherapist. 

Monika's role with bwd is "Miracle Worker". She is Stephanie's right hand and does an incredible job. She is responsible for managing the admin team and maintaining direct communication with clients to ensure satisfaction and success.

Monika is in charge of troubleshooting, day to day changes, the invoicing process and organising bwd's internal databases.

Name: Justin

Birthday: June 18

Best part about being a dog walker: "I love the freedom of working outside; it makes their day and mine better."

Monika Zawilska


Stephanie has a background in child care and customer service.

She started the business in order to spend more time at home with her own dog and then uncovered some dormant ambition!

Stephanie takes care of making the day as efficient as possible. She approves appointments, meets every single new client and dog, memorises every dog's pick-up window and knows everyone by name. 

She is committed to providing the best, most reliable, and highest quality service. She sometimes will fill in for walkers and runs the Luxury Sleepover Service.

Stephanie's strength is in creative problem solving and coming up with crazy ideas.

Name: Emily

Birthday: September 25

Best part about being a dog walker: "The dogs make me happy and put me in a zen place. I also feel like I'm doing a good deed. Like I'm giving back to the doggy world!"

Canine BEhaviour consultant

Name: Philip

Birthday: June 28

Best part about being a dog walker: "Being able to provide the dogs with some time outside."

Administrative Staff

Katherine has a background in English Literature and customer service. She is currently studying human resources at Algonquin College. 

Before joining bwd Katherine was the vice president of the Concordia Animal Rights Association, a regular volunteer at the SPCA Montréal, and fostered cats and dogs with Refuge Kitty-Kat and Homes For Paws. She has been dedicated and passionate about animal welfare her whole life. 

Katherine’s role at bwd is to ensure all pack leaders get the information, training and help they need to carry out their job successfully.

Disclaimer: Our name is meant to be a lighthearted pun on dog moms. We in no way view anyone who works for us to be any form of the derogatory meaning of "bitch", nor do we intend to evoke feelings of anger on your part for anyone who is associated with the company. All of our walkers are called Dog Walkers.

This company is owned and operated by a handful of inclusive, cross-sectional feminists and feminist allies and we absolutely do not discriminate against hiring/extending contracts or offering our services to people of colour, the LGBTQ community, or any other marginalised group. We also hire men.

Dog walkers

Stephanie Crocker

Human Resources Manager

Name: Emma

Birthday: July 30

Best part about being a dog walker: "Every dog's face when you return from a walk, just sheer joy. That's when you know you've succeeded!"

Name: Eve

Birthday: December 9

Best part about being a dog walker: "Getting to spend time with dogs and seeing their excitement when they see you arrive."

Name: Miya

Birthday: April 4

Best part about being a dog walker: "Seeing their never ending excitement living life carefree and in the moment. They encourage me to do the same."

Name: David

Birthday: August 7

Best part about being a dog walker: "Getting to walk around and be outside all day."

Name: Lucy

Birthday: December 2

Best part about being a dog walker: "Getting to lose weight while working."

Name: Kasia

Birthday: September 14

Best part about being a dog walker: "Getting to hang out in the fresh air with cute pups while getting exercise! Win, win, win."

Name: Christine

Birthday: December 16

Best part about being a dog walker: "Getting to practice my dog handling skills."

Monika Zawilska

Joy Evans

Joy has a background in child and human psychology. Before joining the bwd team, Joy spent a few years working with kids with Autism and rehabilitating children with behavioural disorders.

Joy has modified these skills to fit her passion: understanding canine psychology and behaviour. She had help with the transition as an apprentice with Pet Intel and is currently learning even more at TAG.

Joy's role with bwd is to apply behavioural analysis and intervention when training our pack leaders in order to help them better understand, communicate and reinforce correct automatic canine behaviours in accordance with our policies and procedures.

Joy is responsible for training our walkers in order to maintain quality control. She also provides private sessions to active clients.